Grabyo teams up with Magnifi to transform cloud production and video highlights by adding a layer of AI

Grabyo teams up with Magnifi to transform cloud production and video highlights by adding a layer of AI

Aimed at delivering a powerful, human-centred video automation workflow.


Mumbai: Grabyo, the cloud-native live production and distribution platform and Magnifi, the AI-powered highlight generation platform have announced a partnership aimed at delivering a powerful, human-centred video automation workflow, reshaping how sports content creators and broadcasters engage with audiences worldwide. The partnership combines Grabyo’s live clipping, editing and publishing platform with Magnifi’s automated highlights production solution, which uses cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technologies, to give sports organisations the ability to capture, edit and publish highlight clips from live sports broadcasts at speed, and at scale.

This partnership aims to maximise the efficiency and speed of both platforms while keeping humans at the centre of storytelling, allowing for enhanced creativity to make the automated content more engaging and relevant to audiences. “While clipping automation has been a key development in sports coverage, we have always felt that a human-centred approach made the content more personalised and enhanced the content quality,” said Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon. “Automated workflows bring efficiency and scale to video workflows, but when it comes to the nuances of storytelling within sport, editors are currently needed to create content that resonates with audiences. We are excited to bring this solution to market with the best of both worlds, to empower sports broadcasters, federations and teams to offer an unparalleled level of audience engagement with more quality content than ever before.”

“One of the most valuable benefits of AI for sports right holders is its ability to deliver high-impact content at scale. We are excited about this partnership as it empowers sports rights holders to create viewer centric content which has a direct impact on their ROI”, said Magnifi CEO Vinayak Srivastava. “AI-powered solutions empower broadcasters to create new monetisation opportunities in real-time, and we believe this partnership will be the key to achieving higher fan engagement across all channels.”

This collaboration of Magnifi’s AI-generated markers and automated highlight detection with Grabyo’s live clipping platform will empower digital and social teams to identify and create key moments and highlights in multiple formats for rapid publishing on every social and digital platform. It will also support near-live workflows, for those unable to publish VOD content in real-time due to media rights restrictions.