Woman's Day

Woman's Day

Women who have shaped India?s TV landscape

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MUMBAI: Diversity. That has been the buzz globally as the entertainment industry seeks to right the female-to-male ratio in the power structure of corporations that define it. In India?s large organised entertainment sector, most companies have had men in senior executive positions for  a while. But with the entrepreneurial fever running high and funding available, an increasing number of women have been setting up ventures operating in this space.

Entrepreneurship aside, women have, over the past few decades, played a critical role in the evolution of the television industry. Right from the black and white television days, they have been involved in programming as well as content production. The credit to set the ball rolling for the TV revolution goes to late prime minister Indira Gandhi, who steam-rolled her way into launching colour television in 1982 around the time of the Asian games.Read On:

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