Experience Ruskin Bond's classics like never before with these Audible audiobooks

Experience Ruskin Bond's classics like never before with these Audible audiobooks

This year, India’s beloved author Ruskin Bond celebrates his 90th birthday.

Ruskin Bond

Mumbai: This year, as India’s beloved author Ruskin Bond celebrates his 90th birthday, it's impossible not to reminisce about our childhood, and take a journey back in time thinking about those cherished moments spent reading his stories. His books are like windows to picturesque landscapes with vivid details of the birds chirping, water gurgling and animals roaming in their natural habitat, where every page held a new adventure and every character felt like an old friend!

For avid fans of Ruskin Bond, excited about introducing these priceless gems to their own children here's some good news – This summer, with Audible's special limited-period offer, his timeless tales are now easily accessible, at just Rs 69 each. Could there be a better way to enjoy family time and indulge in some screen free entertainment with your children?

Sharing his excitement, Ruskin Bond said, “Audible is truly providing a great service to users and I hope to see people listening to audiobooks extensively during the summer break. It excites me to know that many of my books and stories are accessible on Audible.in and I am confident that children will enjoy listening to these audiobooks on the service during their summer vacation.”

1. All Time Favourites for Children

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Anuj Datta

Buckle up for a magical journey through twenty-five of Ruskin Bond's timeless tales! This audiobook collection is a treasure trove of heartwarming adventures, featuring unforgettable characters like Rusty and his quirky family. With vivid narration that brings Bond's charming illustrations to life, this is a must-have for every young listener.

2. The Great Train Journey (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Ranvijay Pratap Singh

This is a compilation of stories based on the hinterland’s railway stations. From the enchanting moment of a dragon-like locomotive emerging from its cavern to the quaint encounters of passengers, his stories are sure to transport you into a world where the mundane meets the magical. Tune in and join him on an unforgettable expedition through the soul of the Indian hinterland.

3. The Perfect Murder (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Tejas Menon

Hidden in the shadowy recesses of a cafe, the perfect murder unfolds! However, executing the perfect crime is far from effortless. Dive into this audiobook and journey through a collection of mysterious tales, where each story challenges you to unravel motives, alibis, and the elusive identity of the culprit. With twists and turns, it promises an enthralling experience for mystery enthusiasts keen on testing their wits against the master of the genre.

4. The Trees of Dehra

Written by: Ruskin Bond; Narrated by: Abhishek Sharma

In ‘The Trees of Dehra,’ Ruskin Bond weaves a heartfelt narrative around the silent guardians of our world, the trees. From the majestic willows, who do more than 'weep,' to the godlike deodars aspiring to touch the heavens, he brings these gentle giants to life with touching tales. Through lyrical prose and compelling anecdotes, he invites us to reconsider the profound impact of these silent chroniclers on our past, present, and future.

5. Tales of Fosterganj

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Sam Dastor

In a twist of fate, an itinerant writer finds himself drawn to the village of Fosterganj, guided by a mysterious force he cannot comprehend. As he wanders through the bustling bazaar on a serene May morning, he stumbles upon tales waiting to be unravelled. Join him on a journey through the enigmatic streets of Fosterganj, where every encounter holds a secret waiting to be discovered.

6. Great Stories for Children (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Adnan Kapadia

This audiobook takes you on a journey where whimsical characters like Tutu the monkey and mischievous Pret come to life. From encounters with playful pythons to unexpected meetings with ghosts, each story in this collection promises adventure. Join Ruskin Bond's stories as he unveils a world brimming with wonder and excitement for readers of all ages.

7. Ruskin Bond: The Essential Collection for Young Readers (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; Narrated by: Manisha Sethi

Delight in tales where friendship, love, and adventure intertwine, introducing you to unforgettable characters like Rusty, and the courageous Bina facing down a leopard on her way to school. Featuring beloved classics such as 'The Girl on the Train' and 'The Blue Umbrella,' this collection promises moments that are funny, touching, and nostalgic, making it a must-listen for children and adults alike.

8. Roads to Mussoorie (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Fred Stella

Ruskin Bond shares delightful sketches of his beloved hometown, narrating his adventures to and from Mussoorie, intertwined with daily scandals of the hill town's life. Filled with humour and keen observations of ordinary yet essential details, this collection paints a vivid picture of the geographic, social, and cultural fabric of Mussoorie, making it a memorable ode to the writer's surroundings and the influence it laid on his life and work.

9. Falling in Love Again (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; narrated by: Manisha Sethi

This audiobook beckons you with tales of love's myriad shades, from fleeting encounters to profound connections. Through Ruskin Bond's classic stories like 'The Eyes Have It' and 'The Girl from Copenhagen', this audiobook tenderly explores and encapsulates the kaleidoscope of emotions that define the human heart.

10. Tigers for Dinner (available at Rs 69/-)

Written by: Ruskin Bond; Narrated by: Adnan Kapadia

Join the author as he recalls his childhood spent listening to the enchanting stories spun by Jim Corbett's cook, Mehmoud, while indulging in mouth-watering delicacies. From man-eating tigers to mischievous Maharajas, this audiobook offers an entertaining glimpse into the adventures of yesteryears.