"At House of Vitti India, we prioritise handcrafted footwear, preserving traditional craftsmanship:" Charru Sharrma

"At House of Vitti India, we prioritise handcrafted footwear, preserving traditional craftsmanship:" Charru Sharrma

We put more emphasis on authentic materials which makes our shoes last longer.

Charru Sharrma

Mumbai: In the world of fashion, comfort is often compromised in favor of style. This dilemma has driven innovators to redefine industry standards, blending tradition with contemporary elegance. One such visionary leader, known for her commitment to craftsmanship and luxury, is Charru Sharrma, who aims to redefine the footwear landscape.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with House of Vitti India founder and designer Charru Sharrma  delved into the inspiration behind the brand’s inception, its prioritisation of quality, comfort, and authenticity, addressing sustainability and much more.

Edited Excerpts:

On the inspiration behind creating House of Vitti and the challenges you faced in maintaining traditional craftsmanship while innovating with modern designs

My inspiration behind House of Vitti India comes from a deep love for Bharat’s rich cultural heritage and a passion for creating something modern but with a traditional touch. There is so much beauty in our country to take inspiration from whether it’s our vibrant cultural festivities or the kind of textiles and the timeless embroidery techniques  and craftsmanship of traditional Indian footwear. This inspired me to blend these classic elements with modern designs that appeal to today’s customers who want to look versatile and would want to opt for fashionable footwear.

At House of Vitti India, we create designs that work well with both contemporary and ethnic outfits, making them perfect for various occasions like small gatherings at home or intimate dinner parties. Our goal is to make shoes that respect traditional craftsmanship while also incorporating innovative designs to suit the changing tastes of our clients.

On House of Vitti India ensuring the values of quality, comfort, and authenticity are upheld in every product

At House of Vitti India, we deeply value quality, comfort, and authenticity. In terms of quality, we use the finest fabrics for our embroideries and select the highest quality materials for every part of our products, from the embroidery to the assembling, the quality of the box, and even the shoe bag inside. We take care of every detail to ensure excellence. Before sending a product to our customers, we conduct thorough quality checks to make sure everything is perfect.

Secondly, comfort is a top priority for us. We believe that stylish footwear should also be comfortable to wear. For example, our juttis have double-padded cushioning to ensure easy walking, and our Kolhapuris and mules also have extra padding for added comfort.

Lastly, in terms of authenticity, we are committed to using the best quality materials to maintain the authenticity of our products. This includes carefully assembling each piece with close attention to detail, such as precise stitching and well-incorporated insoles.By focusing on these values, House of Vitti India delivers footwear that is not only stylish but also high-quality, comfortable, and authentically crafted.

On the key themes or inspirations behind the new collection

Talking about our recently launched summer collection, the key themes and inspirations behind it are all about blending style, comfort, and timeless elegance. Our Mules collection is designed to meet customer demand for chic yet practical footwear, offering a range of stunning options in pastel colors, elegant pearl finishes, versatile denim bases, and timeless classic black.

At House of Vitti India, we prioritise our customers' preferences, and the launch of our Mules collection is a testament to that commitment. Each pair of mules is meticulously crafted to provide both fashion and functionality, incorporating double padding for extra comfort. This ensures that our customers can wear their Vitti pairs all day without sacrificing style or ease.

The theme of this collection is pastel yet classic. We chose beiges, pastel shades, and black, along with denim, to evoke a sense of timeless classiness. Our inspiration came from nature and the effortless elegance it embodies.

Our Black Mules, the Botanical Mule and Aeris Mule are inspired by natural botanical elements, reflecting a sophisticated yet organic aesthetic. Pastel Panache Mule, which are designed to give a breezy, easygoing look, these mules feature soft, soothing colors that convey a relaxed, summery vibe. Pearl Mule, which are inspired by the natural elegance and royalty of pearls, these mules are designed to be easy, go-to pairs that need no second thought. Pearls symbolise effortless grace and timeless beauty.

Our summer collection is all about providing footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and versatile, perfect for any occasion and reflective of the natural beauty and elegance that inspires us.

Could you walk us through the design and creation process of a typical pair of Jutti, Kolhapuri, or Mules

At House of Vitti India, we take great care in crafting each pair of Jutti, Kolhapuri, or Mules. First, we decide on the theme for our new collection, which sets the tone for our designs. Once the theme is chosen, we create the sketches. These designs are then handed over to our skilled karigars (artisans), who create a "khaaka" or pattern by drawing the design on a butter paper sheet, which is subsequently printed onto the fabric. Next, the actual sample-making process starts. The artisans carefully craft the sample, paying attention to every detail. After the sample is made, it goes through the assembling process where all parts are put together.

We then review the sample to check for any changes or improvements needed. If adjustments are necessary, we repeat the process to ensure everything is perfect. Once the design is finalised, it goes in for the production. This detailed process ensures that each pair of our footwear is made with the highest standards of quality, comfort, and authenticity.

On House of Vitti India addressing sustainability in its production processes

At House of Vitti India, we're passionate about creating footwear that are hand done. We prioritize handcrafted techniques in both assembling pairs and intricate embroideries preserving traditional craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures that our pairs have a longer shelf life. Furthermore, the use of PU soles in Kolhapuris and our recently launched Mules made our decision to offer vegan alternatives to conscious consumers. This choice also aligns with the brand's values of authenticity and brilliance, which shows a new approach to design and material selection.

As mentioned, we put more emphasis on authentic materials which makes our shoes last longer, keeping in mind the betterment of the environment. In terms of packaging, we've thoughtfully designed it to minimize waste. Our sturdy boxes are perfect for reusing, and muslin shoe bag inside the box not only protect the product during transit but also serve as sustainable storage options for customers, promoting a culture of reuse and minimising single-use packaging.

On the feedback that you have received from customers about your products, and its influence on your designs

We've received wonderful feedback from our customers, and it has greatly influenced our designs. Based on their reviews, we're expanding our range to offer a wide variety of choices. We started with juttis, creating different designs for various occasions, including everyday wear and office wear, because our customers wanted more than just special occasion shoes. Next, we introduced Kolhapuris, as many customers wanted back-open footwear, and Kolhapuris were the perfect fit. Following that, we launched stylish mules, again focusing on customer comfort and the preference for back-open designs. Listening to our customers helps us innovate and ensure our products meet their needs and preferences, keeping them stylish and comfortable.

On the new product categories or innovations that can expected from House of Vitti India

House of Vitti India is thrilled to introduce the latest collection just in time for the upcoming festivities. This launch will offer a wide variety of options for everyone to choose from. We believe our customers will really love the new additions. Keeping trends and festivities in mind, we are looking forward to launching Heels that provide our customers with diverse options blending tradition and modernity, adding both style and comfort to your wardrobe.