Vidyut Tech rebrands to Vidyut

Vidyut Tech rebrands to Vidyut

Company evolves from EV financing to build a full-stack EV ecosystem.


Mumbai– Vidyut Tech (VT), a Bengaluru-based EV financing startup, has announced an extensive rebranding to reflect its vision of building a full-stack EV ecosystem. Its new brand identity as Vidyut includes a comprehensive suite of products aimed at making EV ownership more accessible, convenient, and worry-free for its customers. While Vidyut’s financing solutions had already lowered the barriers to EV ownership, the company recognized that there were still issues preventing its customers from adopting EVs. To address these issues, Vidyut has expanded its services and rebranded to resonate with its mission of comprehensively supporting customers in their EV ownership journey.

The company has also unveiled its new tagline, "EV now on your terms," which encapsulates its commitment to providing flexible, customer-centric solutions across all aspects of EV ownership. The new positioning not only highlights the immediate benefits Vidyut offers but also builds trust in the brand’s ability to adapt to individual customer needs.

As part of Vidyut’s rebranding initiative, the company has introduced a new logo and color palette aimed at embodying its innovative and customer-centric ethos. The refreshed visual identity symbolizes Vidyut's renewed mission, featuring an electric bolt seamlessly integrated with the letter 'V'. The vibrant purple color of the letter 'V' symbolizes new-age trust and technological innovation, while the bright golden 'bolt' represents well-being and optimism. Overall, the new identity showcases energy, power, and the company’s unwavering commitment to advancement and innovation in the EV sector.

Highlighting on the larger vision of the brand, Vidyut co-founder Xitij Kothi said, “As we have evolved over the years, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries to embrace a customer-centric approach within our business model. Today is another step in that direction. We are thrilled to unveil our new identity, which allows us to effectively communicate our mission to build a full-stack trusted EV ecosystem. Our new logo represents more than just a name change; it symbolises our dynamic and compassionate brand, deeply committed to enhancing every aspect of our customers’ journey. This rebranding underscores our values and commitment to providing comprehensive services that ensure a seamless and worry-free EV ownership experience.”

In February, Vidyut secured $10 million in its Series A fundraiser, led by 3one4 Capital and saw participation from Saison Capital, Zephyr Peacock, Force Ventures, the venture debt fund Alteria Capital, and Udaan's co-founder Sujeet Kumar. New funding round enabled Vidyut to advance its vision of enhancing EV ownership for SMBs and support India's clean energy transition.