Allen launches its new campaign, from Aashna to Dr. Aashna

Allen launches its new campaign, from Aashna to Dr. Aashna

A NEET student’s journey with the new ALLEN app.


Mumbai: Allen Career Institute Pvt Ltd (“Allen Career Institute” or “Allen”), India’s pioneering education company, continues its unwavering commitment to NEET preparation with its innovative AI-powered application. This campaign celebrates the inspiring journey of Aashna, a NEET aspirant who transformed her dream of becoming Dr. Aashna Dayal into reality with the support of the ALLEN app.

For over 35 years, Allen has empowered over 2.5 million students to conquer challenging exams. Their AI-powered app personalizes the learning experience for students preparing for engineering (JEE), pre-medical (NEET), and classes 6-10. Interactive classes, efficient doubt-solving and targeted practice tests fuel student success.

“Our goal has always been to provide students with the best possible tools to succeed. The new ALLEN app is a game-changer in personalized education, guiding students like Aashna through their unique learning journeys,” said Allen CEO digital Abha Maheshwari.

Aashna's story exemplifies the power of the Allen app. With features like revision cards, custom practice modules, improvement books, personalised quizzes, and dedicated mentoring tools, the app equips students for comprehensive exam preparation. Throughout her journey, the app provided expert guidance and a supportive learning environment, transforming Aashna's dreams into reality.