“The democratisation of smartphone photography is incredibly exciting.”: SS Rajamouli

“The democratisation of smartphone photography is incredibly exciting.”: SS Rajamouli

The world of filmmaking is constantly evolving, and AI is at the forefront of this change.

SS Rajamouli

Mumbai: Rajamouli's remarkable works in the cinema industry have left an indelible mark, weaving captivating narratives through frames that evoke raw human emotion. Today, we witness a convergence between parallel and commercial cinema, driven by an audience thirst for diverse narratives.

Initiatives like the 'OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards' democratise photography, empowering emerging creators to share their unique perspectives. As AI advancements reshape the photography landscape, collaborations like Rajamouli's with OPPO India promise to advance visual storytelling, technology, and creativity, amplifying voices and enriching global conversations around photography.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with director & screenwriter, OPPO ambassador SS Rajamouli discussed his collab with OPPO India, convergence between parallel and commercial cinema, fusion of technology and creativity in photography and much more…


Edited Excerpts:

On perceiving parallels between filmmaking and photography in conveying emotions and narratives; do you foresee a convergence between parallel and commercial cinema today, and advocate for more diverse cinema beyond mainstream narratives

Filmmaking and photography capture a moment in time, a single frame that can ignite many emotions. In cinema, we weave narratives through sequences of these frames, but a powerful photograph can achieve the same effect. With a camera, just as in filmmaking, it's all about capturing light, composition, and the raw power of human emotion – a single tear, a look of joy. It's about storytelling without words. We are witnessing a beautiful convergence between parallel and commercial cinema in contemporary filmmaking. This convergence is driven by the audience's increasing demand for diverse narratives and experiences. Parallel cinema brings unique perspectives and artistic depth, while commercial cinema offers grandeur and entertainment value.

OPPO's constant innovation excites me. Their commitment empowers everyone to be storytellers, especially through initiatives like the recent 'OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards.' This platform provides a space for new and established talents to share their unique perspectives, enriching the cinematic landscape and fostering inclusivity.


On smartphone camera advancements democratising photography for emerging creators; why is the fusion of technology and creativity in photography exciting for professionals and aspiring creators

The democratisation of photography through smartphones is incredibly exciting. Brands like OPPO keep innovating, pushing advancements that empower emerging creators to effortlessly translate their vision into reality. This accessibility levels the playing field, allowing anyone to explore their creativity and share their unique perspective with the world.

This fusion of technology and creativity is a win-win for everyone. Professionals can experiment and capture fleeting moments on the go, while aspiring creators have the tools to hone their craft and build a portfolio. Initiatives like the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards further fuel this movement by encouraging people to push the boundaries of mobile photography. It's a fantastic time to be a storyteller, and I can't wait to see the incredible stories these advancements will help bring to life.


On initiatives like the Imagine IF Photography Awards and platforms like OPPO contributing to fostering creativity and supporting content creators through access to efficient camera technology

I believe initiatives like the Imagine IF Photography Awards by OPPO are game-changers for nurturing creativity and supporting aspiring photographers.

These awards recognise and celebrate exceptional mobile photography, inspiring everyday people to push their creative boundaries. The fact that it's open to all Indians over 18 and has diverse categories like landscape, portrait, and travel, judged by a panel of expert photographers like Joseph Radhik, Arzoo Khurana, Arjun Mark, and other global juries, makes it incredibly inclusive.

OPPO's commitment to cutting-edge camera technology empowers these creators to capture their vision without limitations. This fosters a thriving mobile photography community, taking the art form to exciting new heights.


On the role of AI advancements in shaping the photography industry, and have they influenced your own creative process

The world of filmmaking is constantly evolving, and AI is at the forefront of this change. It has brought incredible advancements to photography, from perfecting image quality to streamlining the editing process. It's like having a highly skilled assistant by your side. It can take care of tedious tasks like noise reduction and color correction, freeing filmmakers like myself to focus on the bigger picture: the narrative, the emotions, and the composition of the scene. This allows us to spend more time crafting the story we want to tell. I believe AI is a powerful tool that can elevate the storytelling process.

OPPO truly understands this. By integrating AI into their smartphone cameras, they have put this powerful technology into everyone's hands. Now, anyone can capture stunning visuals with ease. It's a game-changer, not just for professional filmmakers like myself, but for aspiring creators and anyone who wants to capture those special moments perfectly. AI in photography is here to empower us all to be storytellers.


On your collaboration with OPPO India and how do you think it will advance photography, technology, and visual storytelling

As a filmmaker, I value the power of visual storytelling. When OPPO India invited me to become the ambassador for their Imagine IF photography competition, I was intrigued. OPPO India has been at the forefront of innovation in smartphone photography, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in capturing moments with incredible clarity and detail.

India is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and stories waiting to be told. By amplifying the voices of Indian photographers on the global stage, we can enrich the global conversation around photography and bring diverse perspectives to the forefront. As creators, we must embrace technological innovations to stay ahead of the curve and bring our creative visions to life. Hence, as an OPPO ambassador, I am always excited to see how their latest phones push the boundaries of mobile filmmaking/ photography.