“NetSetGo wants to grow and help more people worldwide by entering new markets”: Abhishek Tiwari

“NetSetGo wants to grow and help more people worldwide by entering new markets”: Abhishek Tiwari

We're also poised to tap into the esports category to stay ahead in digital platform management.

Abhishek Tiwari

Mumbai: The mobile advertising landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, with companies like NetSetGo Media leading the charge in reshaping digital marketing strategies. By prioritising client-centric approaches, harnessing data-backed recommendations, and integrating innovative AI technologies, NetSetGo is revolutionizing how brands connect with their audiences. Through direct partnerships with major media houses and a commitment to delivering maximum ROI, NetSetGo is setting new standards in targeted brand promotion, ensuring impactful results in an ever-changing digital realm.

Indiantelevision.com caught up with NetSetGo Media global business head Abhishek Tiwari to gain insights on the company’s stand-out aspect, notable recent achievements, NetSetGo reshaping the landscape of mobile advertising and much more…

Edited Excerpts:

On NetSetGo Media differentiating itself from other mobile advertising companies

NetSetGo Media sets itself apart from other mobile advertising companies through its client-centric approach and commitment to realistic expectations. Our main focus is on data-backed recommendation which helps us to get the best results. We believe in underpromising and over-delivering which builds lasting relationships with our clients. Also, we are continuously working towards making our services better by coming up with more creative ideas, whether it is in product development, implementing new solution strategies, or building direct partnerships. This way, we're always ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing.

On the direct partnerships that NetSetGo has established with major media houses

NetSetGo Media has forged direct partnerships with key players in the media industry, spanning major publishers across mobile and web platforms. Notable partners include Times Internet, Asianet, Dailyhunt/Josh, Sharechat Moj, and others. Moreover, we collaborate with Managed DSPs like Moloco, Liftoff, and personally, among others, to ensure access to premium ad inventory and advanced targeting capabilities. Additionally, our tie-ups with major BFSI marketplaces enable us to leverage their first-party data for targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns, driving superior performance for our clients.

On notable recent achievements or milestones that NetSetGo has reached

NetSetGo Media has recently achieved significant milestones, including the establishment of exclusive client relationships built on exceptional service, transparent performance, and ongoing trust. Our recent launch of an in-house programmatic platform distinguishes us from competitors, enhancing our capabilities and service offerings. Additionally, our expansion plans into LATAM, MENA, and SEA regions signify our growing global presence and commitment to serving clients on an international scale.

On NetSetGo ensuring maximum ROI for its clients

NetSetGo ensures maximum ROI for its clients through a combination of experience, data-backed recommendations, and versatile offerings. With five years of experience working with notable clients across various categories, we leverage our learnings to plan media effectively. We utilize several tools to target the right users at the right place and time. Our versatile offerings, including ad network/affiliate activities, Programmatic buying, and expertise with Google and META platforms, enable us to provide holistic solutions, driving maximum ROI by leveraging a combination of platforms and tactics.

On NetSetGo reshaping the landscape of mobile advertising

At NetSetGo Media, we have strategically changed the landscape of mobile advertising by turning our focus to a client-centric approach. Being transparent about what we do and using cool technology. We use data-backed recommendations and build trust through realistic expectations which helps our clients get better results. Our in-house programmatic platform, powered by AI has made online advertising way better and more accurate. Plus, we work directly with major media houses and publishers which enables us to access premium ad inventory that gets great results for our clients. Overall NetSetGo's dedication to creativity and innovation has set us apart as a top choice in the mobile advertising industry.

On the innovative strategies that NetSetGo is employing to stay ahead in digital platform management

NetSetGo is committed to innovation in digital platform management. Beyond our recently launched programmatic tool, we're expanding into various categories, recognizing the future importance of first-party data acquisition post the Google Sandbox release, now slated for 2025. Our imminent launch of websites and apps targeting diverse user bases, focusing on BFSI, automotive, and real estate sectors, underscores our proactive approach. Despite the scale of this initiative, our product team is dedicated to crafting unique offerings to set us apart. Additionally, we're poised to tap into the rapidly growing esports category, ensuring we remain at the forefront of digital platform management.

On the trends that you foresee shaping the future of mobile advertising, and how is NetSetGo adapting

In the future, ads are going to be personalised just for you, thanks to AI and machine learning technologies. NetSetGo is also keeping up with this trend and integrating AI into our solutions to enhance targeting, optimization, and audience segmentation to make sure that our client's ads reach out to the right target audience at the right time with maximum impact. Also, we are paying attention to the first part of data collection and respecting privacy by following the rules. In this way, NetSetGo is proactively addressing these trends by implementing strategies for acquiring and utilizing data responsibly.

On incorporating AI into your solutions

We have a special in-house programmatic tool that integrates AI technology to make digital ads better. Our program does things like automated bidding, ad placement, optimization, and audience segmentation. It's like a super smart assistant for buying and selling ads online. By using data and algorithms, it makes the whole process more efficient and accurate. And don't worry, it's not taking jobs away from people. Instead, this technology accelerates the advertising process enabling us to deliver our work better, get impactful results, and target campaigns while maximising ROI for our clients.

On NetSetGo’s plans for expansion, growth, and upcoming projects

NetSetGo wants to grow and help more people worldwide by entering new markets. We are planning to start working in Latin America, The Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We are aiming to establish strategic partnerships with companies to achieve great results that will better serve clients internationally. Plus, we are effectively working toward enhancing our technological capabilities, especially in AI and machine learning to deliver more advanced and efficient advertising solutions. We have some cool projects lined up like app and website creation for BFSI, automobile, real estate sectors, and even video games.