Buffalo Soldiers launch their film division - Eating Potatoes

Buffalo Soldiers launch their film division - Eating Potatoes

Eating Potatoes specialises in TVCs, long-form OTT productions, and documentaries.

Buffalo Soldiers

Mumbai: Buffalo Soldiers, celebrated as the rising maverick agency of 2023, is stirring the pot in the production world with their latest venture, Eating Potatoes – a cutting-edge production house focused on TV commercials (TVCs) and long-form productions for OTT platforms and documentaries.

The agency has also elevated Saurabh Dubey, who heads video & production at Buffalo Soldiers, as co-founder of this exciting new venture.

“India is at the cusp of a visual content revolution. For the next 20 years, the hunger for new content will become insatiable. With Eating Potatoes, we’re diving deep into the world of visual storytelling. Our aim is to craft narratives that resonate with today’s audience, from gripping TVCs to compelling OTT web shows and documentaries,” said Buffalo Soldiers co-founder & CEO Sumon K Chakrabarti.

Recently, Eating Potatoes showcased its prowess by producing four TVCs for Parker in India, launching the brand’s new proposition #UNWRAP. The creative was handled by Buffalo Soldiers while Eating Potatoes led the production from start to finish.

Eating Potatoes’ newly appointed co-founder Saurabh Dubey, said: “We are thrilled to blend our creative expertise with top-notch production quality. Eating Potatoes isn’t just a production house; it’s a hub for innovation in storytelling.” “We’re here to cook up some truly innovative content that resonates with today’s audience,” added Dubey, who also directed the 4 Parker TVCs recently.

The production house is currently evaluating a few scripts for a potential thriller series. Eating Potatoes is poised to become a powerhouse in content production, with an eye for compelling narratives and high-quality production values.