Cartoon Network to air ‘My Hero Academia Season 4’ from 21 April

Cartoon Network to air ‘My Hero Academia Season 4’ from 21 April

The epic arrival of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 4 is all set to captivate Indian audiences.

My Hero

Mumbai: Excitement reaches new heights as Cartoon Network announces the arrival of the globally acclaimed series ‘My Hero Academia’s Season 4’ on Indian television in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam from 21 April at 1 pm every Sunday with repeats following Saturdays at 1 pm.

Cartoon Network brings the next phase of Izuku adventures, with the fourth season centred on classmates joining the Hero Work-Studies to save a girl and preventing the designated villain group, Shie Hassaikai organisation, from creating a drug that destroys quirks. The new season also follows the Academy's struggles after a well-known Hero retires and quirks are in danger.

All Otakus are in for a heroic marathon only on Cartoon Network. The new season furthers the channel's commitment as the go-to platform for anime content on television, creating a wave of excitement among fans. My Hero Academia's unique manga storytelling, with its captivating plot, endearing characters, and exciting hero-villain confrontations, promises a thrilling ride for all anime and Cartoon Network fans nationwide.